Feel The Fear

(Forgive grammar & spelling)

So here we are… Apologies I haven’t been in touch for a while, I was having a moment of quiet contemplation/trepidation.

It’s been a few years since I shared any new solo material – so there has been a bit of thinking… maybe too much.


Sunday night I did a gig at the Beresford club in Australia – It felt great. However as I navigate my way through the music industry - Hesitant? Yes… Fearful? Yes ...But something inside me is saying just go for it… Enjoy it. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity - I just signed a deal with Sony in Australia.

Tomorrow evening I'm going to perform my new single – 'Half of Me' – on Australian TV. Oooh I can feel the nerves - but my heart is with you the fans – thank you for being so loyal…

Lots of love


Ps. Now I have to deal with something else I’m afraid of… Forgive me – I’m Geri Halliwell the cockroach killer - If you love cockroaches please don’t watch this…
 Forgive me – I’m Geri Halliwell the cockroach killer