Foolish, daring, happy?

(Forgive grammar & spelling and swear words)

Hi it's me again... 

So this week I’ve been busy being busy doing normal life stuff.

But then, Melanie B my adorable soul sista dares me on Twitter to sing ‘Say you’ll be there’ in a pub & LOUD! OK, I like a bit of dare, I’m up for it and I put it on my ‘to do list’. The week continues… I forget about the dare…

Friday comes and I’m feeling on top of my game, I’m an organized adult!

6.30am - Bluebell wakes me, I get breakie and do the school run.

9.30am - I’m in the studio - Vocal acoustic song idea and feel pretty pleased - I nail it in one (my vocals pretty good for a morning voice!)

10.45am - Hair and makeup done.

1.00pm - I’m doing a big interview – it goes well… Yeah Halliwell is feeling rather pleased with herself :)

4.00pm - Now I’m doing admin stuff and sorting out Bluebells clothes – Halliwell is still feeling rather pleased herself… proud & smug - I’ve done loads, so professional, I exhale, phew what a week!

Then I remember…

THE DARE by Mel B!!!!

Shit I’ve forgotten to do it! Now in life I try to be a woman of my word - if I say I’m going to do something, I like to do it.

I’m up for a laugh and I jump in the car and find a pub. It looks a bit busy…. But hey, I've done the Olympics, this will be easy-peasy!

I walk in, I sing, I’m doing it… Eeek! These men start saying stuff at me… I didn’t expect it - I feel silly - but it’s funny!

I run out of pub laughing my head off, what must have they been thinking?

I’m buzzed by it… I get in car and watch it back and I’m laughing at myself. But then I suddenly remember the other part of the dare - SHE WANTS EVIDENCE! So I now have to upload this on to YouTube, my sista wants proof… this is a global dare…  Dun, dun, dun!

I suddenly hesitate, I watch it back differently judging my silliness, Oh shit, I can feel my pride and EGO snarling at me - What do I do… I then just smile at my silly self and upload it anyway.

I feel liberated! Being foolish and sharing it feels real rather good. I was reminded again thanks to my soul sista Mel B

So on that note… If any one is feeling rather ‘too’ pleased with themselves, or a bit flat, I highly recommend being a little foolish, be daring, be happy or just watch me

Now then, a dare for Mel B? … A visit to the Hollywood dentist!
Start licking the dentist’s finger when he puts finger in mouth - Too dirty? Oh yeah, and I want evidence!

Love you loads,

Geri  xxx