Amy, her shed and the magic word ‘YET’

Hi everyone,
So this week I was reminded of a magic word  – ‘YET’
Again, please forgive grammar & spelling!

On Bank Holiday Monday I drove to Wales – the beautiful land of hills and blustery winds.  I had a writing session with a lady I had never met before. I knew she was talented (she had written with Ed Sheeran) and now she wanted to write with me, cool.

I was tired; I had been in the studio the week before and felt a bit flat from the drive. I curled up on an unfamiliar hotel bed, staring at the ceiling and the truth is 
I felt out of my comfort zone…  I’m here for 3 days to work with this woman I don’t know and I feel full of doubt. What if it’s a waste of time? And I’d brought my daughter with me too.

I looked through my book of lyrics and loose ideas to start work the next day. Even though I was in this beautiful place, my head was in a bad neighbourhood. As I listened to the radiator rattle and the wind howl I asked myself… what are you doing here Geri?  

But this is what happened… The next morning I drove through the rolling hills of Wales to a ‘ginger bread’ house, and was welcomed by a sparkling woman named Amy Wadge (imagine Ellie Golding as a mother, who plays guitar & piano) with two little angels wrapped around her ankles. Instantly my doubt melted, her house was cosy, full of love and memories. We then went to the back garden to her ‘magic shed’ (this is where she wrote with Ed Sheeran - Gold rush).

 The magic shed!

The magic shed!

We spent the day chatting and then we began to write, laugh, chat and then write more. She would play the guitar, I would sing and we had the most magical time. I didn’t sensor myself one bit, nor did she, and we wrote the most authentic songs only two women could write together. She was the yin to my yang. 
She is much cooler than me and our creativity was a great balance. Bluebell had fun playing with her daughters. Meanwhile Amy and I had a blast in ‘the shed’ and wrote three great songs… one I believe is super special, it just flowed out of us.

The beginning of anything is truly magical and when you know you’ve hit a sweet spot. With our creativity up and running, it didn’t feel like work, it felt like love and fun. That’s when I know I’m in the right place.


We spoke about dreams and how there are so many talented people out there. Maybe the ones that make it are the ones that just keep going? I’ve had commitment issues in my life, but when I really do commit and keep going (as a mother and with my recovery from bulimia) the reward has been amazing. I’m reminded of my commitment to keep going as an artist. Then Amy said a pearl of wisdom about the word ‘YET’.  She said  “maybe ‘blah blah blah’ just hasn’t happened YET”- hear that magic word ‘YET’.

I got reminded in the magic shed that no matter how old or young we are, maybe we haven’t found our dream, our purpose or success, we haven’t found true love, or maybe we don't know all the answers to the puzzle, we haven’t run a marathon, lost a stone, won an a Grammy or Golden Globe, we haven’t stood up to that shit in the office, chucked the crap boyfriend, or won the largest marrow growing competition - YET!

Whatever it is… just maybe it just hasn’t happened YET! What a hopeful word.

So that’s me… I’m smiling gratefully from my week in Wales with Amy, in the magic shed. I just haven’t cracked my Welsh accent –YET!

Big hug to you all.
Love Geri xx