Dancing in dog poo!


(Excuse grammar, spelling & high class problems)

Okay so the last two weeks have been like the British weather; sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain... Am I prepared?

This is what's happened...

– Horrible weirdo phone calls - cried - called police.

– Australia’s Got Talent! - They wan't me to be a judge - I love that show! and it was lovely to be recommended by my generous soul sista Melanie B… What Joy! Gratitude! & Excitement! – I can't wait to discover Australia!

– Viva Forever is closing? What??? Nooo!! I can’t believe it - I feel gutted and sad for everyone involved, especially for Judy Craymer with her years of hard work.

– Driving up the motorway, processing everything that's happened - lost and late for charity event - panic and cursing my sat nav.

– Unexpected nice connection - Smiling :)

– Wrote a great song in studio - Joy! Yay! Gratitude – THANK GOD FOR THE MUSIC!!!

– Unappreciative work colleague - bored of it.

– Dishwasher broke again - annoyance - also bored of it.

Once again I am reminded - both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stuff happens. Despite my best/worst intentions - I just need to pack for all weathers.

Bank Holiday weekend arrives - Yay! Phew! It’s sunny! I come in from playing footie with the dogs and Bluebell in the garden, then I proudly dance around the kitchen to the that song I just wrote only to smell something odd… Oh god what have I just stepped in!!!

That’s life really  - Dancing in dog poo!

Yours truly,


Lots of Love,

Geri xxx