Pride & Prejudice

(Forgive grammar & spelling)

I’d like to believe I’m a modern woman, yet still we live in a world where prejudice still exists.

Am I guilty of prejudice? Judging on appearances? Since I starting working on Australia’s Got Talent… I was about to find out.

We’ve seen a lot of dance acts through the auditions - so its hard to feel impressed by them.

Brisbane – It’s the end of day – 10.30pm… I’m slightly weary, tired.

A dance crew – A cocky bunch of about 20 young men march on – I think to myself – Oh god, really another dance act? And, what’s with the LA gang style bandanas? They look like they’re going to steal my handbag - I am judging this book by its cover.

These men are dressed in black t-shirts, oozing macho pride - giving it ‘the big-un’. They introduce themselves and stand in that urban ‘street’ way… I begin to yawn inside… I’ve seen this before…

Then suddenly one of the boys standing on the end of the group catches my eye. He is standing differently to the others… almost like a member of Glee but he’s hanging with this tough bunch… something doesn’t fit here, It’s jarring with my pre-judgment – what’s he doing hanging with them?

He talks with excited gleeful enthusiasm and he’s a Spice Girl fan! I can’t work it out – who is this group of macho hard-core looking cool dudes with the camp one on the end?

I’m curious & skeptical… I expect nothing special.

Then boom! The music explodes, and so do they!

These guys blow me away. For five minutes I feel absolutely electrified! Imagine a tribe of testosterone moving as one – brilliant dancers & choreography! Then a bloke growls and rips at his t-shirt… It’s gang warfare. And just when I think I know who they are, suddenly they’re strutting like it’s a Lady Gaga bromance – lead by the Spice fan earlier – so growling bears and camp boys moving together, I’m delighted and gob-smacked…

This dance group reminded me – The cocky know it all that I am – who’s thought she’d seen it, done it, read the book and bought the t-shirt – not to judge the book by its cover. In fact rip the cover off – its cool to be a mix bag… we all can be different and still move as one. I’m impressed  – I see a positive glance of who we are today.

Sometimes in life I think it's one thing, when actually it's another.

What I need a coat? – What do you mean it’s chilly in Australia!?

See u soon – love Geri xx