The Impatient Cow


(forgive grammar & spelling)

I’m an impatient cow… Now please! Please!

I’ve always wanted to take the cake out the oven before its even cooked and just eat it!

I’m in Australia judging on the show ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. It’s so much fun and everyone here has been incredibly lovely to me. I like Australian people.

I’m here to judge, find a star & give my opinion – Say what I think… whether ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It’s tough when 3 other people that I admire think something different to me.

There was this rock band – I thought were lukewarm – and everyone else was saying they were great. This has happened a few times where my opinion has differed from the rest of the panel – whom are just adorable; Dawn French - Gorgeous, Kyle Dj - Shiny soul & funny, Timomatic – Smooth & cute. I feel like it’s a family, they really make me laugh.

Cut back to the last 2 years - I did some guest judging on X Factor, I did my best, but I was the new girl for one day… I tried to fit in… I look back and cringe at myself, have you ever been the new girl or boy? Or, wanting to be included in the gang? It was with Gary Barlow, Tulisa and Louis Walsh – I tried to be liked. I was disappointed I didn’t become a full time judge – but I accepted maybe it wasn’t meant to be… and moved on.

Cut to a year later… in that time I’d hit a few speed bumps in my life. Maybe it was hitting 40? Maybe it was being shouted at on Twitter? – Having to let go of what people think .

But as I come to Australia I realised I’ve changed… I feel liberated to really show up and just say what I feel (with love) and with confidence, and let go! It’s shown me its okay to be different! Even among a lovely bunch of people I admire.

Thank god sometimes I don’t get what I want when I want it – I’d have probably f*cked it up.

Looking back I wasn’t ready to be the person I am striving to be today.

So I’m trying to remind the impatient cow that I am – things happen at the right time when the cake is ready. And now I do feel ready to be part of a show that celebrates people, and which gives them an opportunity. I am having a personal lesson in telling the truth, owning my opinion – which is sometimes scary but also liberating… even if you wont like me or love for it.

So last weekend I danced with an old Elvis who grows vegetables, I saw a funky bunny who played the bass - amazing, and I ate vegemite.

It’s like a party to celebrate our talent. And, I endeavor to give my opinion that’s honest and always from the heart.. 

Now what time is it?? Where the f*ck is that cab?!

Yours lovingly,

The impatient cow,

Geri xxx